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7 Things You Could Focus on During Emergency Homeschooling

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As you read this menu of ideas, trust your gut. You know what your child needs!

As most of you know, as well as being a dyslexia assessor, I am also a teacher and have tutored hundreds of children over a decade, but you are the expert in your child. What they need most will change day by day, week by week, month by month.

1. Does your child really need a rest?

Most teenagers are chronically overtired. Research varies but a lot says 9 and 3/4 hours is ideal for teenagers. Their melatonin (the neurotransmitter signalling sleep) doesn’t get produced until 11pm, so the 9am start at most schools is genuinely awful for them.

2. Does your child really need their passion for learning rekindled?

If so, then some child-led learning is probably ideal. Today my son is planting some salad crops, researching sloths, matching tree leaves and making a treasure hunt! What does your teenager want to do for a job? Now might be a great time to focus on the skills and knowledge needed for that.

3. Do you need to reconnect with your child?

Things get so busy and are so stressful at the mo, maybe your child just needs some pressure-free therapeutic and soothing time with you.

4. Does your child really need a project?

This might be a great time to learn to touch type, crack their times tables, get organised, learn to cook, start a blog/book, learn to tell the time.

5. Do they need to improve their balance, core strength and coordination?

Vision, handwriting, concentration, mood, health, memory and learning are all enhanced by exercise and a more automatised body.

6. Would they benefit from finding and filling missing foundations?

Look for reading, spelling, maths programmes, apps, games, activities and puzzles. If you would like any help with this via some zoom tutoring, let me know.

7. Does your child really need some time doing things they love and are good at, boosting their self-esteem and wellbeing?

Need a plan to pinpoint exactly how to help?