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Can I Find Out My Child’s Reading Age?

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One of the perks of being a dyslexia assessor and tutor is that I have access to complicated assessments to pinpoint a child’s skills, but when I started tutoring thirteen years ago I was really frustrated at the lack of resources.

But, I got really excited when I found the freely available Schonell Reading Age Test.

How Does It Work?  

a) Get your child to read the words below (you might want to enlarge and space them out).

b) Count up how many they get exactly right (don’t help them).

c) Divide by 10.

d) Add 5 to get their rough reading age.

For example, Conrad read 35 words, divided by 10 = 3.5 +5= rough reading age of 8.5.

tree little milk egg book
school sit frog playing bun
flower road clock train light
picture think summer people something
dream downstairs biscuit shepherd thirsty
crowd sandwich beginning postage island
saucer angel ceiling appeared gnome
canary attractive imagine nephew gradually
smoulder applaud disposal nourished diseased
university orchestra knowledge audience situated
physics campaign choir intercede fascinate
forfeit siege recent plausible prophecy
colonel soloist systematic slovenly classification
genuine institution pivot conscience heroic
pneumonia preliminary antique susceptible enigma
oblivion scintillate satirical sabre beguile
terrestrial belligerent adamant sepulchre statistics
miscellaneous procrastinate tyrannical evangelical grotesque
ineradicable judicature preferential homonyn fictitious

rescind metamorphosis somnambulist bibliography idiosyncrasy

Is it perfect? No. But it’s a good place to start.

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