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Can I Find Out My Child’s Spelling Age?

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There are lots of expensive spelling tests that assessors can access, but free spelling tests for parents are hard to come by. It’s old-fashioned, but you might try the Schonell Spelling Age Test.

How Does It Work?
a) Read your child the words below
b) Give them a sentence to help (e.g. see… I can see you)
c) Stop when they are finding it too difficult
d) Count up how many they spelt exactly right
e) Divide by 10.
f) Add 5 to get their rough spelling age.

For example, Conrad spelt 26 words correctly, divided by 10 = 2.6 +5= rough spelling age of 7.6

see cut mat in ran
bag ten hat dad bed

leg dot pen yet hay
good till be with from

time call help week pie
boat mind sooner year dream

sight mouth large might brought
mistake pair while skate stayed

yolk island nerve join fare
iron health direct calm headache

final circus increase slippery lodge
style bargain copies guest policy

view library cushion safety patient
account earliest institution similar generous

orchestra equally individual merely enthusiastic
appreciate familiar source immediate breathe

permanent sufficient broach customary especially
materially cemetery leisure accredited fraternally

subterranean apparatus portmanteau politician miscellaneous
mortgage equipped exaggerate amateur committee


Is it as accurate as an in-depth assessment by a professional?   No. But it can give you a good indication of how they’re doing and what sort of mistakes they are making.

Need a plan to pinpoint exactly how to help?